Jewelry has been a staple in a man and woman’s wardrobe for hundreds of years. Gemstones have been featured as a statement piece and subtle jewelry to create simply stunning works of art. We’ve put together five of the most popular and beautiful gemstones that are used in jewelry to help give you some inspiration.

  • Amethyst - Amethysts are an unusual gemstone with a deep purple color. They are said to be a calming stone, representing love, happiness and wealth in one’s life. Amethysts were once considered more precious than diamonds, until a large deposit of them was found in Brazil and Uruguay, when they became known as semi-precious.
  • Emerald - Emeralds have long been a gemstone that is popular amongst royalty. Egyptians once believed that emeralds represented rebirth and fertility, so they quickly became popular. Emeralds have long been used in jeweler pieces including wedding and engagement rings and look fantastic when placed alongside diamonds and other gems.
  • Ruby - July’s birthstone, the ruby has a strong and vibrant deep red color, said to represent love and passion, making it extremely popular amongst those looking to portray their love and affection. Many people are unaware that rubies are actually red sapphires and come from the same mineral. Rubies are also the traditional gift for 40th wedding anniversaries.
  • Sapphire - Blue sapphires are one of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry in the world, most recognizably used in Princess Diana’s stunning engagement ring that was passed down to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Sapphires do come in multiple colors, though blue is the most popular.
  • Diamond - It’s no surprise that diamonds take the top spot of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry. Diamonds come in various colors including yellow, blue and green with red being the rarest, though the most well-loved is the sparkling clear diamond. Diamonds will often accompany other gemstones in jewelry pieces, though when used alone look spectacular and are popularly added into engagement and wedding rings.

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